Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Time to ride in style.

Good morning citizens,

Having recently returned from the first (hopefully of many) Chillcon I've had the opportunity to abtain some nice new SLA minis. First up is the new Shiver Dominator, the first vehicle for SLA:CS1.

The Dominator is solid chunk of resin, the casting work and level of detail on the mini is fantastic. It comes with lots of surface features that really add a lot of life to the model with all manner of kit strapped to the sides. The model cleaned up really well, though the mould lining on the wheels was a little awkward to remove. The Dominator comes equipped with a turret mounted FEN 706 Power Reaper. With it's high damage and ability to lay  down SUSTAINED FIRE it'll be the perfect compliment to your shiver squads. The Dominator is suitable for both Loyalist and 9th shivers.

The Dominator even has a bear strapped the the front grill, an odd touch you might think for SLA but there is a story behind the little fluffy critter. Shivers are notoriously superstitious, especially when it comes to the number 9. Should a shiver squad be reduced to 9 men during a tour in CS1 they bring out their little pal to stand in for the 10th man.

Currently there are no vehicle rules for SLA:CS1, though  there are plans to include them in later expansions as the game grows. This means that the Dominator is currently just a very nice piece of terrain. Though there's nothing stopping you improvising and coming up with your own rules while we wait. With a bit of work it could even be made into a wrecked or burnt out version to decorate your board.

The Dominator is produced for Daruma by Wordforge Games, the makers of Devi'ls Run. They have even gone to the trouble to produce a set of rules for the Dominator so it can be used in Devil's Run too.

Thanks for tuning in.

Ste Winwood,  SLA Operative SCL 9.0

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