Sunday, 25 June 2017

A Trip to The World of Progress

ood evening citizens of Mort.

A strong part of SLA has always been the fans. They've kept the game simmering away for 20 years and made it the cult classic we all know and love.

To honour this Daruma has put in place regular open days to bring fans together and share all that is good about SLA. The Open days have been met with great success and the previous two got better each time. (Well technically one was a tournament test day but who's counting!)

September 2nd brings us  Open Day 2. With launch just around the corner from then there will be huge amounts of info to share with the fans.

Here's  a sample of what will be going on...

- Painting Competition - Best Squad, Best Character

- Seminars - The Seminars will cover details on the future of the RPG, and the journey to SLA 2.0 as well as what we have planned for Expanding the SLA Skirmish game past CS1 and into Downtown.. There will be 1 or 2 surprises..

- Build-you-own-SLA-Op corner

- Demo Games

- Participation Games including a CS1 Arena battle involving your Chosen Ops and a very Special Denizen..

- RPG Corner
 and much more.

Tickets include  an exclusive SLA Goodie bag which is always packed with nice things, this year is no different...

The Goodie bag will consist of;
- SLA Event Printed Totes Bag
- Exclusive Dave Allsop A4 Signed Art print on high quality card
- Event Exclusive Tee shirt
- Entry to the Build-your-own-SLA-Op event, and once you built him / her / it - you get to keep your Op and take it home.
- Maybe some other cool stuff..

So, if you have a free day com and join us. If you know any bloggers, games reviewers or anyone else that might be interested drag them along too.

Here's some pictures from the previous two to whet you appetite. (some are at Daruma HQ, the others are at the new Venue.)

Tartan Painting Competition

Hi there Slops its competition time at Daruma Productions as the Tartan Painting competition is drawing to an end soon. Tartan Paint!! Its Update time, let us see some photos of your work in progress? 

There are another 5 days until the Competition entry deadline, 30th June is the last day - from the chatter, it looks like there should be quite a few entrants, so who all is entering?