Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Faction Dice EXCLUSIVE!

Loyalty to SLA Industries is paramount in the mind of an operative. Loyalty to the company is reward in it self though there are times that loyalty brings other rewards too.

One of the perks of being SCL 9.0 is that I often get sweet little packages like this one.

That's right folks, Mr Slayer provided me with an ultra rare set of Kickstarter faction dice. These are currently held under lock and key at SLA HQ, jealously guarded by the fine chaps at Stigmata.

These are quite frankly fantastic dice, there are 4 for each faction and they look great. the colours contrast nicely, the etched symbols are crisp and clear. I cant vouch for how well they will roll though, that's never been my strong point.

Shiver, Dream Entities and Scavs

Dark Night, Carrien and Cannibals
The appropriate dice will come with whichever faction you have chosen and obviously they will go to retail after the KS ships.

If you cant wait that long for dice then the SLA dice and 9th dice and the SLA D20 are already available to purchase.

Stay Loyal
 Ste Winwood SLA Op SCL9.0

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