Saturday, 12 August 2017

Kickstarter Update

Here is an update from Daruma Facebook page

+++ CS1 ART UPDATE +++

Dave is hard at work painting over two hundred and eight one pieces of art for the Cannibal Sector One book. He is three quarters of the way through, much like this is three quarters of a head.

While it's almost a certainty that we will miss our November deadline for the book, we will not stop working to bring you the book we feel you deserve, as opposed to the bare minimum to meet the Kickstarter promises.

We will deliver.


Sad news in a way but to me it shows someone who loves and is interested in the produce enough to make sure the book is a good one.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Dream Entities Faction

Mysterious and unnerving, fictional and deadly. Creatures of The Dream are formed from the painful echoes of suffering and loss that only war can bring. Living on the edges of reality, the forms they take are guided by the fears and dreams of their victims; this ethereal quality is both their strength and weakness. Dream Entities cause fear in their opponents, affecting their minds with psychosomatic illusions and calling on their deepest phobias. The Dream Entities of Green Hell take the form of mutated tortured Shivers and prey on survivor’s guilt to burrow a hole into their weaknesses. Dream Entities also prey on their targets with Titters, small child-like ghosts with the power of illusion and strange wisp-like creatures at their disposal.

“I see you, cuckoo child. I know what you did. Cuckoo child. I know you.”

Dream Entities are an unusual faction, with a weird assortment of monsters, including the Horrors, Screamers and The Figment, and illusions made real, like Titters and the elusive Oinky-
Boinky. They are enslaved and driven by a Master, like Horrorhead or Happy Camper. The more
you fear and believe them, the more real they become.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Cannibal Faction

Giving the sector its name, the twisted humanity that survived the fall of civilisation gathers in clans and tribes, ranging from the almost civilised townships of Tabor to the primitive hunters of Badlands. Mostly matriarchal, these insular groups are brutal and efficient, treating captives as food for themselves or their savage pigs and terrifying dogs.

“Fit dang bardick cree … whee … keel am all yeee ham!”

Close-quarters combat suits cannibals, but as they are closing the distance, they might have a double-barrel shotgun, giving them two chances to make a difference before they get to guttin’ range. Big and burly, with the occasional runt swaggering along, they’re led by a cruel matriarch and have the occasional weirdo like the not-so-gentle giant Jordy bringing a little extra punch.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

A Trip to The World of Progress

ood evening citizens of Mort.

A strong part of SLA has always been the fans. They've kept the game simmering away for 20 years and made it the cult classic we all know and love.

To honour this Daruma has put in place regular open days to bring fans together and share all that is good about SLA. The Open days have been met with great success and the previous two got better each time. (Well technically one was a tournament test day but who's counting!)

September 2nd brings us  Open Day 2. With launch just around the corner from then there will be huge amounts of info to share with the fans.

Here's  a sample of what will be going on...

- Painting Competition - Best Squad, Best Character

- Seminars - The Seminars will cover details on the future of the RPG, and the journey to SLA 2.0 as well as what we have planned for Expanding the SLA Skirmish game past CS1 and into Downtown.. There will be 1 or 2 surprises..

- Build-you-own-SLA-Op corner

- Demo Games

- Participation Games including a CS1 Arena battle involving your Chosen Ops and a very Special Denizen..

- RPG Corner
 and much more.

Tickets include  an exclusive SLA Goodie bag which is always packed with nice things, this year is no different...

The Goodie bag will consist of;
- SLA Event Printed Totes Bag
- Exclusive Dave Allsop A4 Signed Art print on high quality card
- Event Exclusive Tee shirt
- Entry to the Build-your-own-SLA-Op event, and once you built him / her / it - you get to keep your Op and take it home.
- Maybe some other cool stuff..

So, if you have a free day com and join us. If you know any bloggers, games reviewers or anyone else that might be interested drag them along too.

Here's some pictures from the previous two to whet you appetite. (some are at Daruma HQ, the others are at the new Venue.)

Tartan Painting Competition

Hi there Slops its competition time at Daruma Productions as the Tartan Painting competition is drawing to an end soon. Tartan Paint!! Its Update time, let us see some photos of your work in progress? 

There are another 5 days until the Competition entry deadline, 30th June is the last day - from the chatter, it looks like there should be quite a few entrants, so who all is entering?

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Faction Dice EXCLUSIVE!

Loyalty to SLA Industries is paramount in the mind of an operative. Loyalty to the company is reward in it self though there are times that loyalty brings other rewards too.

One of the perks of being SCL 9.0 is that I often get sweet little packages like this one.

That's right folks, Mr Slayer provided me with an ultra rare set of Kickstarter faction dice. These are currently held under lock and key at SLA HQ, jealously guarded by the fine chaps at Stigmata.

These are quite frankly fantastic dice, there are 4 for each faction and they look great. the colours contrast nicely, the etched symbols are crisp and clear. I cant vouch for how well they will roll though, that's never been my strong point.

Shiver, Dream Entities and Scavs

Dark Night, Carrien and Cannibals
The appropriate dice will come with whichever faction you have chosen and obviously they will go to retail after the KS ships.

If you cant wait that long for dice then the SLA dice and 9th dice and the SLA D20 are already available to purchase.

Stay Loyal
 Ste Winwood SLA Op SCL9.0

First Entry

Here is the first entry for the Daruma Productions paint a Tartan clad Frother competition. Now this entry is from me and it of the character Frother McNultie is his PP10 "Hard" Armour striking a pose with his favourite Multi-Job Lacerates, MJL Power Claymore 300, <insert name here> and his Generaql Armaments, GA20 "Finisher" Assault Rifle.

This figure is available from the Daruma Productions store along with other kilt wearing Frothers too.

So if you think you can do a better job than this Wallace Clan tartan pattern, kilt wearing, junky then enter away and join in the fun of the painting competition.

Good Luck

Time to ride in style.

Good morning citizens,

Having recently returned from the first (hopefully of many) Chillcon I've had the opportunity to abtain some nice new SLA minis. First up is the new Shiver Dominator, the first vehicle for SLA:CS1.

The Dominator is solid chunk of resin, the casting work and level of detail on the mini is fantastic. It comes with lots of surface features that really add a lot of life to the model with all manner of kit strapped to the sides. The model cleaned up really well, though the mould lining on the wheels was a little awkward to remove. The Dominator comes equipped with a turret mounted FEN 706 Power Reaper. With it's high damage and ability to lay  down SUSTAINED FIRE it'll be the perfect compliment to your shiver squads. The Dominator is suitable for both Loyalist and 9th shivers.

The Dominator even has a bear strapped the the front grill, an odd touch you might think for SLA but there is a story behind the little fluffy critter. Shivers are notoriously superstitious, especially when it comes to the number 9. Should a shiver squad be reduced to 9 men during a tour in CS1 they bring out their little pal to stand in for the 10th man.

Currently there are no vehicle rules for SLA:CS1, though  there are plans to include them in later expansions as the game grows. This means that the Dominator is currently just a very nice piece of terrain. Though there's nothing stopping you improvising and coming up with your own rules while we wait. With a bit of work it could even be made into a wrecked or burnt out version to decorate your board.

The Dominator is produced for Daruma by Wordforge Games, the makers of Devi'ls Run. They have even gone to the trouble to produce a set of rules for the Dominator so it can be used in Devil's Run too.

Thanks for tuning in.

Ste Winwood,  SLA Operative SCL 9.0

Monday, 29 May 2017

Competition Time - Tartan Paint!

Does anybody have any Tartan Paint to hand? We have a load of Frothers could do with a lick of paint..

So, onto the exciting bit!! We love the new Frothers so much that we are having a Tartan Paint contest; as you can see from the Topper below, our Head Operative - Steve, is preparing to add the tartan to Topper, now.. what scheme will he pick?

Tartan is notoriously difficult to paint, but the Frothers simply don't look dressed without it. We want to see your Tartan!

We are launching a Contest to find the best dressed Frother, with the most colourful Tartan. All entries must be photographed and posted on here by the end of June, and the Daruma team will select the winner from all entrants. This can be either a single Frother chosen from the Frother Squad, Topper or McNultie. All entries are welcomed!

The prize for the Winner is a fully signed Art Print of the original McNultie image that Dave drew for the Kickstarter - we will have this specially printed out on high quality paper, signed by Dave and framed for the Winner. We have no intention of ever printing these beyond this contest, so this will be a unique piece of SLA Memorabilia. In addition, we will print you a special Tee shirt with McNultie on it - again, these won't be going into production so you will have a one of a kind!

We will have more updates on the Open Day painting contest shortly as well, we can't wait to see all those Painted SLA Minis!


Pop over to Daruma Productions Facebook Page to join in the fun and have a go.

Scav Faction

The resourceful Scavs are inveterate tinkerers, their hulking frames belying their technical skills and tactical ability. Found in small numbers, they are a formidable foe that should never be engaged without a threat assessment. Instantly recognisable in their great coats and gas masks,they are luckily unmistakable and are to be avoided if spotted.

“So, that’s a Scav, eh? Why did nobody tell me that something that big could move that quickly?” Declan Kaibrush, Shiver Forward Obverver

Strong in small numbers, they can both dish out and soak a lot of damage, and are likely to be armed with improved weapons and equipment. Their ability to take scrap and turn it into something useful is one of their many strengths.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Carrien Faction

Wherever you go on Mort, you know that you’re never too far from rats and the same is said of Carrien. The infestation that our loyal operatives deal with in the streets and sewers of Downtown exists in larger numbers outside the wall, including giant monsters and mutants. The nimble vermin are no match for well-trained Shivers individually, but what they lack in strength, they make up in numbers. This is their home and they won’t give it up without a fight.


Weak as individuals, the animalistic Carrien operate in packs to take down their foes. They move swiftly, ignoring obstacles to close the distance to their targets and use their numbers. Up close, Carrien can be dangerous opponents, making up for their weaknesses in sheer ferocity. Larger packs may have a Greater Carrien and sometimes even a brutal and unpredictable Mutant Carrien to throw into the fray.