Sunday, 6 August 2017

Dream Entities Faction

Mysterious and unnerving, fictional and deadly. Creatures of The Dream are formed from the painful echoes of suffering and loss that only war can bring. Living on the edges of reality, the forms they take are guided by the fears and dreams of their victims; this ethereal quality is both their strength and weakness. Dream Entities cause fear in their opponents, affecting their minds with psychosomatic illusions and calling on their deepest phobias. The Dream Entities of Green Hell take the form of mutated tortured Shivers and prey on survivor’s guilt to burrow a hole into their weaknesses. Dream Entities also prey on their targets with Titters, small child-like ghosts with the power of illusion and strange wisp-like creatures at their disposal.

“I see you, cuckoo child. I know what you did. Cuckoo child. I know you.”

Dream Entities are an unusual faction, with a weird assortment of monsters, including the Horrors, Screamers and The Figment, and illusions made real, like Titters and the elusive Oinky-
Boinky. They are enslaved and driven by a Master, like Horrorhead or Happy Camper. The more
you fear and believe them, the more real they become.

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